Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mr.Sunil Galgotia, Chancellor-Galgotia University in interview with The Hindu

Q. Is Galgotia University bringing the global advantage to India?
A. Galgotias University has a rich legacy of eight decades of leadership in education. Moving forward to next level education, we have created a high quality learning environment that has an inspired, cutting-edge faculty as its core. This group of academics, drawn from the world’s finest universities, imbues the learning culture with great intellectual character and depth.
The select faculty drawn from the IITs, Carnegie Mellon University, Purdue University and other fine academic institutions, have evolved a multi-cultural spirit and multi-dimensional pedagogy; and have guided and inspired all the university infrastructure. The new age classrooms, laboratories and activity centres, all designed by Montreal-based Arcop International, are at par with the best in the world.
Q. What is Thinking Quotient and how did it evolve at Galgotias University ?
A. At Galgotias University, we are working towards evolving a higher Thinking Quotient in every student. While the innate talent to think, creatively resides in every individual, higher Thinking Quotient needs a unique enabling environment within which to apply itself, in a spirit of discipline, to the rigours and freedoms that may be discovered in the framework of any science or art. Knowledge systems, enquiring disciplined minds and enlightened guidance constitute the necessary ecosystem that enables the development of Thinking Quotient.
History repeatedly reveals that nations with evolved thinking ecosystems have always been at the forefront of creating and innovating. We believe that for India to be a world leader in innovation, it needs environments that develop mature Thinking Quotient as a continuous process. Galgotias University is exactly such a thinking ecosystem. A Thinking Universe that develops Thinking Quotient. At Galgotias University, every educator and student works together to take this Thinking Universe to the next level.
Q. How career-driven are the pedagogy practices at Galgotia University?
A. We ensure that students absorb a new information set during every single interaction. Relevant project-based teaching, in sync with modern industry requirements, encourages students to be attentive, innovative and responsive. Case-study based classroom pedagogy shapes a thinking, problem-solving approach that puts theory into immediate practice, for the benefit of industry and society. With these pedagogies, there are no problems: only challenges and opportunities for better solutions.
Q. Are Galgotias University’s program offerings relevant to the future needs of industry?
A. Absolutely! Our students are offered quality education in Engineering & Technology, Computer & Information Science, Management, Arts & Social Sciences, Journalism & Mass Communication, Finance & Commerce and Basic & Applied Sciences. All programs are designed, based on the requirements of contemporary and future industry. We have a Fully Flexible Credit System that allows students design their own curriculum by choosing their own course combinations. This multi-disciplinary learning system allows engineering students to experience liberal arts curriculum so that they become well-rounded and adept at solving real-world problems. We are thus creating a new generation of leaders who are equipped with deep technical domain knowledge and the breadth of exposure and character, to effectively collaborate and lead.
Q. What are the student and faculty intake parameters at Galgotias University?
A. Generically, the best resources usually deliver the best results. Therefore, only students with 90% or more marks in Class XII are eligible for admission. We seek to match meritorious and diligent students with the finest academia and facilities available here. We now accept brilliant students with exceptional academic records from other countries as well. With the emergence of Galgotias University as a centre of excellence, Indian students now need not go abroad for advanced education; and foreign students are gravitating towards India for higher education.
With regard to faculty, the basic qualification for teaching here is a Ph.D. All faculty have to be the best in their respective fields and from the finest academic institutions, so as to embody world-best educational practises and a never-before learning experience.
Q. Are you grooming your engineering students for high revenue, high employability career avenues?
A. In the case of cutting-edge fields like biotechnology, robotics, aerospace, engineering, marine engineering, embedded system technology, microwaves and space engineering, students are mentored to become innovators and solution providers. Keeping employment opportunities in key sectors in view, Galgotias University offers post graduate studies in all specialised branches of engineering. We are building super-competent engineering manpower for employment in government organisations such as DRDO, ISRO, NTPC, BHEL (which are the largest employers of engineers in all engineering disciplines); and in private sector enterprises operating in the healthcare, pharma, research, genetic engineering and health related technology industries.

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