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Galgotia University adds Forensic Science Courses to their portfolio (B.Sc. & M.Sc. Forensic Science)

 Hope you remember CSI on AXN. If not let me tell you ‘Crime scene investigation’ is an investigative series started by AXN way back in 2000. CSI is a meeting point of science, logic and law. It has been nominated multiple times for industry awards and has won nine awards during its history. The program has also spawned several media projects. Sherlock Holmes and Gil Grissom are still the two most talked forensic "gurus". We can also take example of weekly crime thriller on Sony Entertainment Television called CID!!!
 Now lets come to the point why we are talking about these popular detective shows. These serials have given opportunity to the studies of  forensic sciences in the last few years.

What is forensic science??

Forensic science deals with the scientific examination of a crime. Its
essentially a crime laboratory-based profession, it qualifies students to apply their knowledge of science to the investigation of crime. 
Forensic experts essentially work in forensic labs to establish the link between the criminal and the crime by analyzing the physical evidence (hair, fiber, fingerprints, blood, semen, discharged bullets, etc.) obtained from the scene of the crime. They match voices, examine bullet injuries to determine the trajectory of the bullet, investigate signs of struggle before a victim was killed, conduct experiments with dummies to establish how the crime was committed and carefully reconstruct the scene of the crime to find vital clues.

Forensic science had been a less explored subject but these serials have given it opportunity to grow and today it is one of the most popular emerging fields of career.

The field is divided into three categories:
Forensic medicine includes forensic pathology, psychiatry, psychology, forensic medicine and odontology (dentistry).

Laboratory sciences comprise chemistry, biology, toxicology, ballistics, fingerprints, questioned documents and impressions.
Field sciences include crime scene investigation including fire and explosion scenes and drug laboratories.

There’s nothing casual about this field and one must be very attentive during studies and during the investigations.  Here’s why. “At a crime scene you have only one chance to collect evidence and lead the investigation. Even a single mistake on your part may be responsible for justice being denied,” warns Dr. Kewel Krishan, Senior Assistant professor, Dept of Anthropology, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

The field demands an eye for detail, strong analytical skills and keen observation. The ability to work with experts from other fields like Psychology, Social Science and Statistics is a must. And one must be comfortable working indoors and outdoors

 Pay Packet and Opportunities-

There are ample of job opportunities available for forensic graduates in both government departments and private firms. They also have choice to further specialize  in the chosen area of their study. Employment in forensic science sector has grown at an unprecedented rate in the last decade. Students can get jobs in law enforcing agencies and investigation agencies like Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Intelligence Bureau (IB), the Central Police Organization (CPO), the CID and also in Narcotics departments.They can engage in private practice and also take up teaching in government and private universities for criminology courses.

Contact Details-

Dr. Sally Lukose
Professor & Head
Department of Forensic Science
Contact No-09818917639

Visit this page and find rest of the details about the course-

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