Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Student Clubs @ Galgotias University

Apart from our continuing efforts to help and encourage students spread awareness, gain education, & achieve appreciation we have Galgotias University student-clubs to accentuate the extra curricular aspect. With over 40+ different clubs we hope that you'll find a group to fit you. And if you are not finding anything that meets your passions we welcome you to come and create your own. At every point Galgotias University Team is here to help, suggest and guide you!! GU clubs are open to everyone at GU.

  • Vision
    Promote fellowship, share richness and diversity of the cultures and foster the social aspect.

  • Mission
    The Galgotias University Clubs mission is to inform, inspire and connect students on a platform where they can exchange knowledge, build awareness,  generate interest and receive recognition.

  • Administrative CommitteeAdministrative committee is the main governing body for all student clubs at Galgotias University. The purpose of Administrative committee is to register student clubs, assist clubs with events and activities, promote student interaction and involvement and also to allot funds to the registered clubs.

Cultural Society
  • Galgotias Dance Club-Studio D
  • Galgotias Drama Club-Chauraha
  • Galgotias Ngo-Aadhya
  • Galgotias Rotaract Club
  • Galgotias Music Club-Crescendo
  • Galgotias Photography Club-Cam Circle
  • Galgotias Fine Arts Club
  • Galgotias Fashion Club
  • Galgotias Divine Club

Sports Society

  • Galgotias Soccer League
  • Galgotias TT Club
  • Galgotias Basketball Club
  • Galgotias Cricket Club
  • Galgotias Badminton Club
  • Galgotias Vollyball Club
  • Galgotias Squash Club
Technical  Society

  • Galgotias Technical Club-Q BITS
  • Galgotias Aero Modelling Club
  • Galgotias Aeronautics Club
  • Galgotias Gaming Club- F.R.A.

Literary Society

  • Galgotias Literary Society
  • Galgotias Quizzing Club
  • Galgotias Mun Club
  • Galgotias University Press

Management Society

  • Markethem Club
  • Fin Edge Club
  • Hermes Club

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