Friday, 2 August 2013

Welcome back from your summer vaccations!!!

Dear Student,

First and foremost we congratulate you on successful completion of your second semester in Galgotias University. Some of you have made us feel proud with your academic performance and some of you need to work harder!!

Now your summer vacations are getting over and it is time to get back to your studies again!!

We believe you had a great family time at home and you will return rejuvenated with a fresh sense of purpose and filled with energy!!

Please find below the information regarding your new semester and some instructions for success - 
·         Your registration for the Fall semester 2013 is scheduled from 16th to 22ndAugust
·         Classes for new semester will commence from 22nd July
·         75% attendance is mandatory and no concessions will be given on any account. So please ensure you are on time all the way..!!!
·         Back paper exams are scheduled from 12th August.Timetable for the same is available with the COE office.
·         Students who wish to continue in the university accommodation are requested to confirm their hostel requirements within next 3 days
·         The Enhanced Learning Center is ready to accommodate your request  for extra academic support,so in case of difficulty in any subject in the forthcoming semester, please register for the same @ the International Office
·         Those who wish to attend Hindi classes can also enroll at the International Office
·         We need your help to be ‘Study Buddies’ for the incoming international students. For more information drop in @ International Office
·         Lastly a gentle reminder to pay the Tuition fee for the year 2013-14 by the due date



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